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Spectron had several runaway successful models in their digital amp lineup and the Musician III MKII is one of those models. With a power bump to 600W in 8 ohms, 800W in 4 ohms and 1,400W in 2 ohms, this represented an almost 20% increase in power over the Musician II with a “modest” $500 price increase in its MSRP over the Musician II. The Musician III MKII retained its heft of 52lbs (due in large part to the massive toroidal transformer found inside) and its outstanding ability to provide a steady load down to 1 ohm, making it practically a all/any speaker amp. Spectron amps have always been about its transparency, its black background, speed in delivery and its power delivery. Rivaled by only the more expensive Jeff Rowland amps, the Spectron is the better amp amongst other similarly priced offerings from Nuforce and Bel Canto.

Cosmetically, the amp looks really good. Minor scuff marks here and there from use but nothing major. We have the original box and will have it securely packed for safe shipping.