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They don’t make solid steel racks like this anymore. This is the Sound Anchor rack that is perfect for the vinyl audiophile. The top shelf (with a custom cut pine shelf) is 37″ wide and 22.75″ deep. Perfect for “big” turntables like the Basis Audio Debut turntable or Goldmund Reference turntable etc. Under this top shelf is another four levels where you can slot in the rest of your hifi system. The first three levels have a height allowance of 6.25″ with the same width and depth as the top shelf. So in essence, you can slot in six components in those three levels. On the last and fourth level, the height allowance is a bit higher at 7.25″ which will allow you to slide in up to two power amps or power conditioners. Full dimension of the rack are as follows – 41″ wide (including the corner posts), 22.75″ deep and 35″ tall (including the castors).

Cosmetically, the rack is in good shape. It has been our auditioning rack for several years now but it is time for it to go to another good home to continue serving the needs of another audiophile. Due to its size and weight, it will have to ship freight where it will be strapped on to a pallet. Local pickup from our store can be arranged.