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We were totally smitten by the 560 DAC. Two things that truly standout for it – the DAC and the Leedh Processing in its level adjustments of the digital signal. The DAC has a complex algorithm that Soulution has put in place to extract out the most precise digital signal and then converting it to analog in a dual mono config. The amount of technology that goes into that complex stage is too much to put down here so we strongly encourage you to read more about it on their website. Which then brings us to the other element in this 560 (earlier 560 DAC did not come with it) that makes it so special – its Leedh Processing technology. The Leedh Processing in the simplest of nutshell is the ability to increase/decrease the volume of the digital signal in its purest form (so you can connect this 560 directly to an amp). There is no “add on” or “losses” to the signal which resulted in the music reaching astonishing level of revelation, details and dynamics. This was immediately apparent to us within the fist 5-10 minutes of listening. We have listened to similar great DACs that have used the Burr-Brown 1792 DAC chip but not with this level of purity and transparency. And when compared to some of the “other” digital volume attenuation, they don’t even come close to what we hear from this 560. It made all the other digital volume controlled music sounded dry and pale in comparison. The 560 with Leedh is an amazing DAC and if not the best out there, its the best DAC we have experienced so far.

Cosmetically, the unit is in great shape. One owner since new and we have the original remote and manual to go with it. This model is so new (2019 model) to the market, you would almost never find a used one for sale! So don’t miss this opportunity!