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$1995 Original Price: $4000
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These are probably the best bang for the buck now for an 845 tube based monoblocks. For under $2,000 now, these 22W beauty are the epitome of what “tube sound” is all about. Sophia Electric’s current 845 tube monoblocks cost in excess of $20,000 now, so at 1/10 the price of their current models, these are a steal. Pair them to a high efficiency speaker and a good source and preamp and these amps will offer a transparency, smoothness and warmth that is unbeatable south of $2,000. These are a really thing of beauty! They easily rivaled our Jadis combo and even the Nagra system but at a cost that is so much lower.

Cosmetically, the units looks really good. The tube socket under one of the 3A5 tube is slightly different from the other amp (looks like just a different socket) but works fine. Current tubes on it are – Shuguang 845 power tubes, Sylvania 6SN7 and 3A5 tubes. 845 tubes have about 120-150 hours on them. Minor scuff marks from use but nothing major. Units will be securely packed for safe shipping. These will be a three box shipment with the amps in two boxes and tubes in their own box.