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This was something of a steal when it first launched. 115W x 5 channels with a switchable BTL ( a sort of “turbo” mode in car speak) mode where the SONY will push out 200W into the left and right channel and 120W into the center channel for maximum performance from the front three channels. Of course in that mode, the amp will run hotter but in our use so far, its normal 115W into five channels was more than sufficient in all our applications.

The unit is built like a tank with an almost “artistically” laid out circuit board on the inside. It clearly showed a well thought out, well designed amp that were meant to deliver sonic qualities in the highest order. In our setups, the SONY proved to be very neutral, almost transparent, clean and precise. Kick drums was sharp and detailed with a nicely balanced mid and highs. When paired to the matching TA-E9000ES AV processor/preamp (also for sale in a separate listing), you would be enjoying movies from a pre/power setup that cost under $1,000 but sounds like a $3,000 setup. Using this amp in a stereo setup will embarrass many other two channel amps costing much more. Plus the SONY has the advantage of additional outputs where you can bi-amp your speakers and still have one spare channel that you can power a subwoofer for an awesome full range 2.1 channel speaker system.

Cosmetically, the TA-N9000ES is in fine shape. Minor scuff marks from use but nothing major. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack this beast of an amp for safe shipping. Manual is available online.