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This was Sony’s new flaghsip player after the “monstrous” SCD-1 and SCD-777ES. Besides the always conversation starting top loading mechanism found on the SCD-1 and SCD-777ES, the SCD-XA9000ES with its more “conventional” front loading tray (which probably allowed Sony to list it at $3,000 MSRP) is equally good, sonically with its older siblings. There was the usual clean, detailed sound we heard from the other two players. It may not be on par with the SCD-1 but gets really close. Built quality is first class with good solid materials used throughout. This unit just recently had a new laser assembly installed (cost $700) which had the common issue of reading an SACD as a CD and not a SACD. So it works like it should now.

Cosmetically, it is in very good shape. Some minor scuff marks here and there but nothing major. Previous owner really took care of the unit. Remote is included and we will securely pack this for safe shipping.