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The SCD-XA5400ES from SONY is another of of those great players that didn’t come with a hefty price tag. Built quality was amazingly solid with a tank like built to it. But its the sound that distinguishes it from the rest of the pack. Its clarity and detail are what grabs you into the music. You might even think you had a totally different CD when you listen to it from the SCD-XA5400ES because it was playing the CD with the little details you probably never heard from your other players. With SACDs, multi-channel output is undertaken via HDMI output instead of the older multi-channel single ended output found in their older players. So good was this player that Stereophile magazine rated it as one of the best SACD/CD player they chance upon when it was being reviewed.

We have the original and remote for it and cosmetically is a 8.5/10 although it would have earned a 9/10 had it not been some rubber feet marks on the top plate from previous equipment sitting on it.