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If you enjoy listening to SACDs and its multi-channel playback but don’t want to “over pay” for elaborate transport mechanisms, multiple stages of filters etc, than this bargain basement changer might interest you. As we mentioned in our title, this is not a single disc player but a five disc changer. You could slot in five SACDs or five CDs or a mix of either. In any way you choose, this is actually a very enjoyable player and quite exceptional for the money. Music was crystal clear and distinctly well cut. Most CD changers tend to err on the side of just providing hours and hours of music but the SONY actually wants to reproduce good music and it actually does so impressively (especially for an under $150 SACD changer!).

Cosmetically, it is in very good shape. Some minor scuff marks here and there but nothing major.  Remote is included (not original but works all the basic functions) and we will securely pack this for safe shipping.