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For under $2,000, I don’t think you can find a better built and better sounding player than this SONY SCD-1. Even at its original $5,000 MSRP, it boasts a built quality that was second to none. There may be some competition for sound quality at that price point but if you want a clinically accurate reproduction of your CDs, than the SCD-1 has very few rivals. But at $1750 now, this is an absolute bargain.

As you can see from the pictures, the unit is in very good condition. Minor scuff marks here and there but nothing major. For those not familiar with the player, this is a sophisticated machine. Some measure of patience is needed whenever you put in a new disc as the TOC software does a comprehensive review of the CD that is being played. So it is not a case of CD in and pronto music. The other quirk is that when an SACD disc is played and then you switch back to redbook CDs, it may take a while before the processor recognizes it is supposed to be reading a CD instead of an SACD. This may mean re-loading the CD several times before it starts to read the disc as a CD and not SACD. But once it does that, it has no problem reading CDs. It has no problems reading SACDs.

We have the original remote, CD puck and original box. Unit is pretty heavy so shipping will not be cheap. Item will be securely packed for safe shipping.