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Sony’s dazzling array of top flight CD players never seems to have end spot. That was the good old days and Sony’s golden era. The CDP-X7ESD was one such player that reign supreme. It was very well built, uses a metal disc tray that few brands would expense on their machine, have outstanding reliability and excellent CD playback. We found it hard to differentiate between it and the CDP-707ESD that we just sold but the CDP-X7ESD has the balanced output. Which was a much better option to use in a higher end system. So for $200 more (on MSRP) the CDP-X7ESD has the balance output option which the CDP-707ESD didn’t. The CDP-X7ESD has become a highly sought after player. We have seen many in similar conditions commanding in excess of $1,000 for it. But we are all about enjoying and sharing the love of music so for under $600 now, you can take this legend home for hundreds less than the “market rate”.

Cosmetically, it is in very good shape for its age. Some minor scuff marks here and there and a few tiny knicks on the wood side panel but nothing major.  Remote is included (not original but works all the basic functions) and we will securely pack this for safe shipping.