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This was the matching integrated amp to the CDP-X3000ES we had for sale in a separate listing. Collectively, they were SONY’s offering of a new lifestyle statement system where the units come in champagne gold finish and half width sizes. The CD player was a stunning unit and a cheaper alternative to their heavy weight SCD-1 and SCD-777ES CD players. Likewise, TA-F3000 integrated is compact version of their other full size TA-F series of amps but with its own improved power supply and circuitry. With 35W in 8 ohm and 60W in 4 ohm, it pairs up nicely with the bookshelf speakers and some of the less demanding floorstanders we have in the store. It will accept 3 line inputs and two tape (one of them in MD) and one phono with switchable MC and MM option on the back. The phono stage is a fixed value setting with 0.18mV/100 Ohm for MC and 2.5mV/50 kOhm for MM. At an almost similar size with the McIntosh MHA-100 with a 12″ width, 6″ height and 16″ depth, the SONY is also another piece that would fit comfortably anywhere. The SONY is a more clinical sounding amp when compared to the McIntosh. It emphasis more on accuracy and transparency than the MHA100 (in our opinion) where the MHA100 is warmer, have a more resounding bottom end. Both are good in their own way so it really boils down to your taste and what you want out from an integrated amp. If you have a warm sounding speaker and want to inject a bit more transparency and definition, than the SONY is a good option. It is also the cheaper option between the two too!

Cosmetically, this unit is in fine shape. Minor scuff marks and light scratches from use but nothing major. Previous owner brought it over from Japan when he moved here so he ran it with a step down transformer (included). The TA-F3000 was a top seller in Japan and were largely offered in Japan only with a small batch in 230V for the European market (where it received lots of positive reviews). Original remote is included and will be securely packed for safe shipping.