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Sony made so many CD players in the past, it is tough choosing one because they ¬†are all so good (a high percentage of them at least!) and the CDP-707ESD is one of those. Built like a tank with a full control “dashboard” that you almost never see now with the newer CD players. For those who like to see lots of buttons on their player, this is it. For those who want a good sounding CD player and don’t want to pay more than $500, then this should be on your consideration list.

Like its many other “siblings”, the CDP-707ESD has the same transparent, neutral sound that is synonymous with Sony CD players. Highs were detailed but not too dry, clean mids and tight, punchy bass. Its not “high end extraordinary” in a simple budget hifi setup but partner it with a good set of amps and speakers, it will sound impressive. This is a well built unit and as you can see from the pictures, it reads both CDRs and regular CDs. Cosmetically, it is in great shape and has some minor scuff marks here and there. Nothing major. We will securely pack this for safe shipping.