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Sonus Faber is one artisan speaker manufacturer that is easily amongst the best out there that delivers style and sonic excellence. The Concerto Domus is one of our most beloved mid-range tower speaker. It has the beautiful lute-shape cabinet, leather wrapped front, top and rear and a mesmerizing sound that is enchanting, especially when listening to vocals. In the small to medium size room and with a good source and amplification, the Concerto Domus has a very beguiling sound. The mid range was silky smooth and pitch perfect with a sweet top end. Bass does extend down to 35Hz which was not to overwhelming in the right room size. They tend to sound better with tube amps or at least a warm sounding amp like McIntosh or Audio Research. They do need some “juice” to drive them with an impedance of 4 ohm and a sensitivity of 88dB so figure around 50W or more to get them┬ásinging.

The pair you see here is the gloss piano black version. Minor scuff marks with a small corner blemish on the top front corner of one speaker. Its very minor and you would need to look closely to see it. One of the rear corner spike is different from the other rear corner spike because the previous owner lost it. But the replacement spike works and fits fine. We have the original boxes and will be shipped as two boxes. They can go ground with freight as the preferred choice or pickup from our store.