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For those looking to bridge their PC based music to their hifi system and want to do so with uncompromising standards, than the Sonicweld Diverter HR is what you need. When you plug this unit between your PC (or MAC) via their USB output and your hifi’s system DAC, your PC based music is suddenly taken to another level. There is better clarity, more naturalness and a sense of little constraint on the music you are listening to as compared to running it without the Diverter HR. There are many options to connecting your PC based music to your hifi system but the Diverter HR is perhaps one of the most audiophile sounding way to do it.  Add its outlandish design and you are owning one of the coolest looking hifi component. It is not an inexpensive option but when you take everything as a whole, its built quality, materials used, technology behind it and the way it sounds, makes it a reasonably priced component especially when it makes your PC based music system sound just as good as a top tier CD transport/DAC combo. Plus, you get hours, if not unlimited, music sources to play through your system as compared to the typical CD playback system. Which is why the Diverter HR has gone on to win many international awards for its technology and sound quality.

Cosmetically, the aluminum has its usual minor hairline scratches (common when aluminum is used) from use but it works perfectly. Original flight case is included. One previous owner in NYC. The Diverter HR is rarely available and almost impossible to find on the used market so don’t miss this rare chance to own one!