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The Ultra Jitterbug was something of a miracle pill during the early years of digital playback. Jitter was a primary issue then (and still is for some CD players/transport now) and the Ultra Jitterbug was the solution to it. It basically reduces/rejects jitter from the digital signal coming from a source unit before it passes it through to the DAC. The result in most cases is a smoother, cleaner sound with a quieter background and a slight improvement in detail retrieval. Some manufacturers have taken this technology “light years” ahead since then and have resulted in some stunning re-clocking machines that cost thousands of dollars. But if you still own a more modest CD player or transport and DAC and want to see if you can extract out a bit more “oomph” from your system, the Ultra Jitterbug is a very affordable piece to try it out. You would just need to run another digital cable from the Sonic Frontiers to the DAC. With three different digital inputs – toslink, coaxial and AES/EBU and coaxial, AES/EBU outputs, this is a highly flexible unit for so little money.

Cosmetically, the unit looks good. Minor scuff marks here and there but nothing major. Unit will be securely packed for safe shipping.