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These were the formidable CD transport and DAC combo that broke new grounds in terms of design and sound. The Transport 3 was a flashy show stopper when it toured the country in various audio shows and the Processor 3 was a triumphant engineering marvel. So good was this combo that it easily earned strong recommendations from Stereophile Magazine and won a host of international awards from N. America to Europe to Asia. It may be argued that the Processor 3 was the star of the combo but when you dive beneath the skin of the Transport 3, it was a beautifully sculptured CD transport unlike any that came before it. Operating like a camera’s shutter, the “fins” on the top of the transport opens and closes just like a shutter on a camera. Within it, a CD puck holds the CD in place while the mechanism spins and the laser lens reads data off the disc. Being a fixed top design, it wasn’t susceptible to vibrations like the typical drawer design which lead to an improved digital readout. Common anomaly of the CD transport is when the “iris” opens up and closes, it has a split second hesitation before fully completing its business. This is a very common trait of the Transport 3 but has no impact on the functionality of the transport whatsoever. Via its I2S cable into the Processor 3, the music from this combo was simply flawless. Music took on a more colorful, vibrant and picturesque presentation. Even with today’s more modern iteration of a CD transport and DAC combo, many are slain by this Sonic Frontier pairing. Its almost like a match made in heaven couple.

The pairing is actually a three chassis combo with the Processor 3 having a separate outboard power supply. We have the original disc remote and the I2S cable. No original boxes but they will be packed securely for safe arrival. The front left bottom corner of the Transport 3 has a small surface scratch and a small scratch within the well of the CD transport. Other than this, both units look really good with very minor scuff marks common with gears of this vintage. If you go to our youtube page, you can watch and listen to a short video on this pair in performance.