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The Power 1 tube amp is the “baby” of the range with 55W of power through its four 6550 tubes. Input tubes are 6922 (six of them) tubes. The power output may sound conservative but you probably won’t notice it unless you have very current hungry or inefficient speakers or listen to music at deafening levels. We had this in our system with a passive preamp (to listen to it in its “purest” form) and love it to bits. The radiant sound of tubes are just stunning through the Power 1. The warm mid-range was glowing and the bass tight and fast. The highs were sweetly rolled off without sounding murky like some similarly priced Chinese made tube amps. We enjoyed this amp with a wide range of speakers in our stores. From the Shahinian Obelisk speakers to the Diatone speakers ($25,000 MSRP speakers), the Power 1 made them sing. Soundstage was well laid out with good breadth and depth. The amp will require 30-45 mins warm time to sound its best so it is not going to “sing” immediately like solid state amps but with a little patience, you will relish its beautiful sound. Amp was recently re-capped and serviced so it operates like new now. One of the black speaker binding post had a broken stem so that was replaced. Power tubes have about 200 hours (based on previous customer’s info) so it has plenty of life left.

Cosmetically, the amp is in very nice shape. Minor scuff marks here and there but nothing major. Amp will be securely packed for safe shipping.