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Snell’s Type E speakers was a gem of a speaker in its day and even now, for what it sells for, would still rival anything out there for the same under $300 asking price. With a sensitivity of 90 dB and a nominal impedance of 8 ohm, the Type E/II was a real easy speaker to drive. Snell recommended a minimum of 15W to drive them and works very well with tube amps. In fact, when we drove them with a tube derived 40W of power, the Snell sounded amazing. The highs were smooth and clean and the mids warm and smooth. Bass was impressively solid for an 8″ woofer and with its 1″ dome tweeter and 3/4″ tweeter on the back, it laid out an almost full crescendo (39Hz to 22KHz) of music that sounded larger than life. Soundstage was wide and deep (speakers need to stand 3′ off the back wall ideally) when they are properly placed in the room. Each speaker is 33″ tall, 14″ wide and 11″ deep.

Overall condition of the speakers are good for its vintage with some minor scuff marks/nicks here and there. Rear tweeter on one speaker has a few dimples but works perfectly. Velcro lining will need some glue to be attached back but works fine now. Speakers can be set for bi-wiring if you prefer. Local pickup from our store preferred but if shipping is required, they will be shipped as two boxes.