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The SuperNova is a truly exciting CD player. It is easily rivaled our long time favorite Esoteric X-01D2 for sound quality but at a much lesser cost. Yes, it is not as heavily built as the Esoteric but it was solid enough and fully justifiable at its asking price of $5,200 MSRP. The CD tray slides in and out smoothly enough which offered you the anticipation of something great is about to happen. And it does not fail. Music was crisp, detailed and had a wide expanse. Vocals was particularly holographic with a natural presence. The Esoteric may have a slightly better overall definition but lacked the smoothness of the SuperNova. One very useful feature that the SuperNova has which the Esoteric doesn’t, is a digital input which allowed your other digital player to utilize its DAC. Which we feel will improve the sound of your player. At its $5,200 MSRP it was a tremendous bargain if you were to compared it to the almost $17,000 X-01D2. So at under $3,500 now, it is an absolute steal when you consider how the X-01D2 still commands $5-7,000.

Cosmetically, the player is in great shape. Just minor signs of use. We have the original boxes and the metal remote.