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The 650D CD player/DAC is Simaudio’s┬ásecond from the top player. It may not be as glittery as some of their earlier flagship models (like the Andromeda transport and DAC) but it sure packs a lot of technology inside its “industrial” looking “outfit”. Go to their website to read more about it. We will share our listening experiences with it instead.

As a one box CD player, the 650D is a truly exceptional player. We had it in a system where we had a Meridian 808.3 and a Vitus SCD-10 MKII CD player (both of which are $20,000 players) and the 650D was a close race finisher between the three. If we had to rank the three, we would rank the Vitus as the top machine in this three way comparison followed by the Meridian and the Simaudio a very close third (or even on par, depending on the individual). The Simaudio has an uncanny transparency that really brings out the “life” in the music soundtracks we ran it with. It was refined, almost delicate in its presentation and yet punchy when the need calls for it. Muhammad Ali would probably describe it as “Floats like a butterfly, sting like a bee”. As a $9,000 CD player, this is not an inexpensive player. But when you factor in its ability to operate as a DAC for other digital sources (to utilize its fabulous DAC) and how it cost less than half of the other two $20,000 players without losing the race by a mile, its a bargain reference level digital source unit that is well deserving of the many awards it has won internationally.

Cosmetically, the unit is in excellent shape. Very well cared for by its fastidious owner who has assembled a World Class $70,000 system that quite honestly sounded way better than some $200,000 system that we have listened to. We have the original box, manual and remote and will securely double box it for safe shipping.