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The 700i integrated amp is Simaudio’s flagship model under their Moon Evolution series. Integrated amps at this level and price tag are typically built to the hilt to firstly justify their asking price and secondly, as a viable alternative to the many pre/power combos out there which makes a compelling option for the same amount of money. So in other words, they must sound better than their competing pre/power combos that are priced the same. In our opinion, the 700i is a very good integrated amp. Its probably better than most pre/power combos costing up to $10,000 but it is not be the last one standing on the champion podium. Pre/power combos in the $12,000 price range are very competitively spec and many are almost teetering on reference quality. If the grouping had just been integrated amps, the 700i would up there in the top 10 list. The 700i has an immediate authoritative sound. Music through the 700i was cleanly presented, well controlled with nice depth and soundstaging. It may not share the same depth and sure footed sound of the ASR integrated amp (probably not a fair comparison to begin with) we have in the store but it also does not cost as much as the ASR. At under $5,000 now, it will be in the top 10 list for any amplifiers, pre/power combos included.

Cosmetically, the integrated ampĀ is in great shape. Just minor scuff marksĀ from use. Original box, manual and remote is included.