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This is Simaudio’s second from the top integrated amp. Sitting just below the 700i V2, the 600i V2 shares pretty much the same sonic excellence as the bigger 700i V2 but at a much lower MSRP. At $5,000 less and “just” 50W shy from the 700i V2’s 175W at 8 ohm, the 600i V2 is a rambunctious integrated that never shies away from any speaker challenge. We had this paired up to Stenheim’s Alumine 5 and Dynaudio C4 Platinum speakers and the Simaudio drove them with ease and aplomb. Sonically, the 600i V2 just like its bigger brother, runs the music tight, fast and clear. It has every nuances of the music well controlled and presented. The presentation beats some sub-$7,000 pre/power combos with ease.

The unit you see here was opened up, listened to for maybe 3 hours and put back in the box. The remote is still even in its sealed wrap. If not for this “open box” event, it would have been a brand new and sealed unit.¬†Original box, manual and remote included.