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The 610LP phono stage on its own, is already already a highly rated phono preamp. But the previous owner wasn’t satisfied with this and added the 820S power supply to up the ante of the 610LP. Of course the 610LP can be used on its own but with the 820S power supply, there was a further improvement in the dynamics, texture and the bass gained a bit more “density”. The 820S is a specially designed power supply that can be used to power up one digital and one analog component from Simaudio’s lineup with dedicated circuitry that is beneficial to each component respectively. We tried this combo with the Michell Engineering Gyrodec and a Benz Micro LP S MC cartridge and they sounded incredible. The depth, dimension and the bass exceeded what the Parasound JC-3+ phono offered in the same setup. The Parasound was good but the $15,500.00 Simaudio combo was better, much better (of course the Parasound only cost 1/5 the price of the Simaudios…). The dazzling array of switches under the 610LP literally will allow you to pair any cartridges with it.

If you have $12,000 to splurge on Simaudio’s flagship 810LP, go for it. But if don’t mind sacrificing the minute superiority it has over the 610LP (their next in line to the throne) and can put to better use with the savings in money, the 610LP with its 820S power supply is the perfect “other option”. Cosmetically, they are in great shape. One previous owner since new and from the looks of it, have been very taken care off. We have the original boxes and manual. Shipping is via two boxes so multiply by two for actual shipping costs.