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The Classic Anniversary range from Siltech in our opinion, are the best value for money cables from the prestigious brand. They are no where near the Royal Signature and their flagship Triple Crown series in terms of price but in terms of performance, they are amongst the best (in the top five in our books) there is for the price range. At their $3,200 MSRP, the 770i faced some serious competition from the likes of Nordost, Purist Audio Design, MIT and Transparent but for under $1,500 now, it is a steal. The transparency, fluidity and detail retrieval from these cables are top class. Plug them between a source and your amplification unit/s and it will reveal every nuances between them. The pair you see here was previously used in a Krell Connect and Vanguard setup with a pair of Siltech 770L speaker cables (also for sale in a separate listing).

Cosmetically, the cable has minor scuff marks from being used but nothing major. Cables will be securely packed for safe shipping.