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The Classic Anniversary range from Siltech in our opinion, are the best value for money cables from the prestigious brand. They are no where near the Royal Signature and their flagship Triple Crown series in terms of price but in terms of performance, they are amongst the best (in the top five in our books) there is for the price range. The speaker cables you see here is a 2m pair with Rhodium-plated spades. Internally, they feature their G7 silver-gold alloy conductors which has led a trailblazing path of sonic excellence at their price point. At $5,200 MSRP, they are priced on the higher end of the mid-range category but is still very competitive against the likes from similarly priced cables from MIT, Transparent Audio and Kimber Kable. Cables has a nice smooth, transparent sound with a tinge of warmth in the upper mids. Bass was wholesome and tight and the highs detailed and clear.

The pair you see here had one previous owner from new. This is still a current lineup. Cosmetically, the cable has very minor scuff marks from being used but nothing major. Cables will be securely packed for safe shipping.