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These were former dealer demo units that were custom paired with a pair of New Audio Frontiers 845 SE monoblock amps ($39,000 MSRP and also for sale in a separate listing). Each isoBASE is 12.75″ wide, 22″ deep and 6″ tall. They are SRA’s top of the line range and designed for heavy duty use like the NAF 845 SE amps which weigh approximately 220 lbs each. They can be used with other amps if they fit within the parameters of the isoBASE. It gave the NAF 845 SE amps added tightness in the bass and better control in the mids versus it sitting on a maple block.

Cosmetically, they are in as good a shape as a demo unit can be. Minor polishing swirl marks but nothing major. Each isoBASE is shipped in its original wooden crates.