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These are a pair of rarely available speaker cables. They are the “underground kingpin” of speaker cables. Made of pure silver with a very secretive formula of shielding, they have been popping up in various chat rooms where they are touted as “astounding” speaker cables. We tried this in our Audio Research system with Scala Utopia speakers and it was an eye opening experience. Compared to the TMR Ramses II speaker cables that were used in that system, the Signal Fidelity Research speaker cables sounded clearer, a bit brighter and more open and transparent. It made the TMR sounded as if it had a “veil” over the music. The cables measure approximately 6ft tip to tip (factor in 5″ 8″ as a safe length due to the coiling nature of the speaker cable) and the ends of the cables are as per what the designer wanted – unadulterated sound with no “external” material between its solid silver core and the speaker terminals on both the amp and speakers. Highly recommended!

Speaker cables show some minor signs of wear but nothing major. Cables will be securely packed for safe shipping.