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These are clearly, over the top, reference power conditioning system designed for the reference system. Strongly recommended by Stereophile and Absolute Sound magazine, the combo (Triton was previously upgraded to the V3) is an incredible pairing that really has no equal in our opinion. We had our reference Burmester system plugged into them and what a difference it made. Collectively, there was a much darker background. Music had a bit more vibe into it, more transparency and more fluidity. It seems like every musical note just seem to float more smoothly as if they had just hop on to a freeway. Although the Triton V3 has eight outlets on the back, you would need to give one up for the Typhon which effectively means you only have seven outlets to use. Which should be more than sufficient for any reference standard setup. We had the Typhon connected to the Triton V3 via the 20 amp Etron Anaconda AC cord. If you want to up the ante a little bit more, swap out the generic 20 amp AC cord (which is included) with another Etron Anaconda down the road or when your budget permits.

Cosmetically, the units are in great shape. Minor scuff marks from use but nothing major. We don’t have the original packaging but will securely pack it for safe shipping. They will be shipped in two boxes so factor in times two for total shipping cost.