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The beauty with Shunyata’s Venom Defender power conditioning module is its portability and its simplicity. There is no big box chassis or need for an AC cord. You just plug it into any available outlet on your existing power conditioner (like Shunyata’s Venom PS8) or the wall outlet where your power conditioner or hifi component is plugged in and let it work its magic. Very easy plug and play device. Previous owner had this plugged into a Hammond power strip and said that it almost achieved the same level of reduced noise as his other more expensive power conditioners which he subsequently sold off. With the Venom Defender, all he needed to do was just move it to the different rooms he was listening music in and have it plugged into the power strip in the respective rooms. The Venom Defender has a tiny LED at its end which will turn red if there is a fault in the electrical line. It is a recommended component under Stereophile and Absolute Sound magazines.

Cosmetic condition is really good and unit will be securely packed for safe shipping.