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One quick glance at the front of the Sardonyx center speaker and you would readily recognize the premium drivers used in the center channel speaker. The two 7″ woofers flanking the left and right speakers are SEAS Excel (to get a perspective in the value of this speaker, the SEAS Excel drivers cost $275 each, so just between the two drivers alone, its $550 there) and the mid-woofer in the center is a Morel dome midrange and the ribbon tweeter is a Fountek. Collectively, they add new meaning to the term “putting the pedal to the metal”. The Sardonyx is an amazingly powerful sounding center speaker. The SEAS Excel woofers extends down to 40 Hz and goes all the up to 40KHz in the Fountek ribbon tweeter. That is a very wide spread of frequency response that gives the Sardonyx speaker a clear edge over similarly priced center speaker. Add the Morel dome midrange driver (quite possibly the best sounding midrange driver in the industry) and you have a beautifully balanced speaker that does well with dialog and action sequences. The Sardonyx is a slightly bigger than the typical mid-size center speaker. It measures 21″ wide, 11″ deep and 9″ tall.

Cosmetically, the speaker is in very nice shape. Minor scuff marks from use but nothing major. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack it for safe shipping.