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Schnerzinger cables (from Germany) is an ultra high end hifi manufacturer. The Extreme 8000 is the second from the top (Extreme 10,000) model and is an electrifying cable when compared to some of its peers. We had sold many Gobel’s LaCorde AC cords which prior to trying this Schnerzinger AC cord, was probably the best AC cord we have had the pleasure of putting into our system. The Extreme 8000 raises that bar a couple of notches. A lot of engineering has gone into Schnerzinger cables where it has resulted in their cables having wider bandwidth, extremely low noise floor, class leading transparency and just pure “nothingness”. If you go on to their website, you will read about their “Atomic Bonding” process which can take months to produce one cable. We had the cable plugged into the Constellation Centaur power amp and we could hear the amp deriving greater spatial presence, speed and cleaner cut definitions in its soundstage. Cable was also experimented with source units and preamps but power amps is where its greatest return was heard. Of course you are free to experiment with your own components in your system but one key note here – the cable is extremely heavy and thick (relative to other AC cords). So ideally, it should run along the floor to minimize pressure on the terminal ends. Optional booster cable adapter can be added if you choose to do so down the road but previous owner didn’t think he needed it for his system.

Cable looks good with minor scuff marks from use. One owner since new. Schnerzinger cables are extremely rare in the used market so don’t this opportunity! We have other Schnerzinger cables that we will be listing soon, so stay tuned! Cable will be securely packed for safe shipping.