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At the extreme end of the high end spectrum, you will find cables that cost as much as a complete system. And by cables, we are not even talking about a full system’s worth of cables…. The one pair you see here, the Extreme 10,000 is a $17,400 Bugatti of interconnect cables. You are probably wondering who uses such exorbidantly pricey cables? Well, the answer lies with that lucky someone who can afford a system that costs almost a half a million dollars. Yes, there was no typo error there. The Extreme 10,000 when we heard it in that system (that replaced the Nordost Odin cables) was simply jaw dropping. The level of clarity, detail, speed and finesse was the finest we have ever heard. And all these can be attributed to the Atomic Bonding process that have been become synonymous with Schnerzinger which we strongly recommend you read more about it on their website. When the owner swapped it out and put in the Odin, our hearts sank a little because it was liking dropping a veil over the music. Not that the Odin was no good but the Extreme 10,000 was BETTER. Its like moving up from a tenderloin steak to a Wagyu. These cables need a high end system to be fully at home with. Please note these cables are very heavy (in relation to other cables) and weighs almost 9 lbs each so some careful planning is clearly needed when hooking them up to you components.

Cable looks good with minor scuff marks from use. One owner since new. Schnerzinger cables are extremely rare in the used market so don’t this opportunity! We have other Schnerzinger cables that we will be listing soon, so stay tuned! Cable will be securely packed for safe shipping.