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The Reference lineup is Schnerzinger’s more “affordable” range when compared to their Extreme range. In our opinion, the Reference range offers the best bang for the buck. This will compete very favorably with the likes of Nordost’s Valhalla and even the Odin at a fraction of their price. The thing we love about Schnerzinger cables are their ability to portray music in its most natural form. There are other cables that would do that too but the Schnerzinger cables somehow pushed the envelope on it and raises it up another level. Truly amazing stuff. This can be attributed to the Atomic Bonding process that have been become synonymous with Schnerzinger which we strongly recommend you read more about it on their website. If you have a upper mid-fi or high end system, these cables will fit right in.

Cable looks good with minor scuff marks from use. One owner since new. Schnerzinger cables are extremely rare in the used market so don’t this opportunity! We have other Schnerzinger cables that we will be listing soon, so stay tuned! Cable will be securely packed for safe shipping.