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As prescribe on their website, the Gungnir has the “world’s most advanced Adapticlock™ clock regeneration system in a fully upgradable, hardware-balanced DAC with 32-bit D/A converters.” We will leave the greater details for you to read up on their website but our listening sessions with it has been nothing short of spectacular. Compared to our other budget DAC, PS Audio’s DLIII, the Gungnir has a more temperate sound. It was not as bright as the DLIII and do not “shout out” details like some other sub-$1,000 DACs do (as if they are trying to impress you but trying to grab your attention with a huge does of information thrown out.) The Gungnir just paces along and after 30-45 mins of listening to it, you will start appreciating how it cleanly dissects the music. It does not pretend to be an alternative to brands like dCS or Esoteric (which costs thousands of dollars more) but what it does do is bring some high tech down to real World prices and with it, a very impressive sound. For the longest time, we have been treating the DLIII as the King of sub-$500 DAC but it appears now, that title will be dethrone now. Highly recommended. Wide selection of inputs – USB, SPDIF BNC, coax and Toslink optical input all offer 24/192 capability. Analog outputs are RCA and XLR.

Cosmetically, the unit is in great shape. One previous owner with original box.