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This is another variation of the World Class Premier turntable from specialist turntable manufacturer, Scheu Analog from Germany. In this setup, it is using the Classic Unipivot arm and the Linn Adikt MM cartridge. The earlier setup we had had the Moerch arm which to some users was too light and gave the musical presentation a “levitating” soundstage. The Classic Unipivot arm is slightly more affirmative in extracting the music from your vinyl but we strongly recommend using a better cartridge than the Linn Adikt you see here as it is only a good mid-tier MM cartridge which cannot fully exploit the virtues of the arm and table. The arm does get a bit tricky when you swap different cartridges but its delicate, balancing nature is where the beauty lies. For those who are used to “more” complex arms, the Classic arm is like a page from the journal of keeping the arm as simple as possible. Cables run freely in the inverted “U” shape arm which is secured by stuffing the foam pads into the crevice of the arm. The belt is a thin gauge nylon string which goes round the huge acrylic platter and the spindle/motor setup in a separate chassis. Switching between 33 and 45 rpm is via a three position toggle switch with two knobs for increasing or decreasing the pitch for each speed. This setup was a former demo unit. External power supply is rated for 100-240V operation so turntable can be used anywhere in the World.

Cosmetically, there are minor scuff marks here and there which are common from use (was previously a store demo piece) but nothing major. We have the original boxes (arm is shipped separately in its own box) for the entire setup but would prefer a local pickup at our store. Factory supplied additional spool of nylon string and counterweight included.