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Back in the Seventies, this Empire 598 turntable with its 990 arm was one of THE turntable any respectable audiophile must have on his rig. With adjustment for inflation, its $375 MSRP would have been around $2,700 now. So that was a lot of money then to invest in what would ultimately become one of the more collectible turntable from that era. If you put on a Dave Brubeck or Miles Davies LP on the Empire 598, you would suddenly feel like you have been transported back in time. The Empire 598 is not just a turntable, its a time machine! This particular unit indeed looks like it did travel through time. It had spent the last 30 plus years in a climate controlled room with the last 10 years with either very minimal or no use in any year. Which is why you can see its immaculate condition (for a vintage gear like this) it is in right now. We have had it properly lubricated, suspension springs adjusted and gears in the motor replaced and lube. Now it spins smooth and sweet. The 598 is not going to compete with the modern day turntable you see in the glossy hifi magazines because it is just a different animal from a different era. It lacks the precision tracking details you get from the current day $3,000 or even $5,000  table. But it makes up with nostalgia in generous serving. The 598 is all about replaying your long forsaken (or new) LPs and bringing up the antiquated magic of analog. There is no mistaking the special atmosphere that the 598 presents. We don’t have any 45 rpm LP so table was only tested out at 33 rpm. For under $1,000 now, this is great collector piece to add to your vinyl collection or start one.

Cosmetically, the unit looks really good for its vintage. Minor scuff marks here and there but all age appropriate. The cartridge is on its way out so a replacement is in order. Upgrading the analog interconnect cables are also highly recommended if you are nifty with it. Local pickup at our store for this thing of beauty is preferred but will ship if need to in which case, we will securely pack it for safe shipping.