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This is a feature laden cassette deck at a bargain price when you consider it with the likes of Nakamichi or Revox. For the Sansui diehards, this was arguably their best deck or at least, had the best bang for the buck. Dolby B-C NR is selectable on the unit with a whole host of other features. Tape well is nice and clean and appears to have seen little use. Listening to it brings back good old memories of the good old days of cassette decks and the fun in recording it and then using it in you Walkman or car (remember the days of Alpine, Nakamichi, Bosch etc that rule the car cassette deck scene?). The cassette was the next best thing to records if you only had pocket change in your wallet and wanted to enjoy some analog sound back in those days. Today, they are instruments of history that evokes your trip down memory lane. Still wonderfully enjoyable and a pleasure to use.

Cosmetically, it is in really nice shape. Minor scuff marks from light use, but nothing major. Unit will be securely packed for safe shipping. Manual is available online