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This is an amazing amplifier. Anyone who has been around this hobby long enough will know that some of these early amplifiers from Japan are simply some of the best sounding amplifiers ever built. The BA-5000 is one of those. It is big, heavy, has the classy meters that were almost mandatory on amplifiers from that era, superbly built and sounded fantastic. In stereo mode, the amp will output 300W per channel and if you could find another one and run them as monoblocks, each amp will put out 600W per channel. These are amazing numbers for an amp in the present day but the Sansui was an amp from the mid-70s! That’s almost forty years ago! If Sansui were to sell this now, it would have been $8,000 – $9,000 easily in today’s dollars. As a testament to how good this amp is, it thrashed the McIntosh MC152 (a current model under McIntosh’s lineup) that is our current favorite in the mid-price amplifier category and even rivaled the bigger and much more expensive, MC452. The Sansui has a warm but very clean sound. Much cleaner than most amps you would find under the $2,500 price tag of the amp now. When pushed hard, the amp maintains a certain consistency and never seem to lose its composure. The only short coming for this amp is a pairing of speakers that is less then optimum to its ability.

Cosmetically, the amp looks really good for its age. Minor scuff marks common from use but nothing major. Sonically, the amp operates like new. The amp has been fully restored (all twenty seven of its caps has been replaced) and biased to original factory specs at a cost of nearly $1,600. Due to its weight and size, local pickup is preferred but if shipping is required, it will have to ship freight to ensure its safe arrival.