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This is an earlier power conditioner from Rotel that was designed for the budget or mid-fi system. It offers surge protection and RF elimination or reduction at a very affordable price point but yet offers the flexibility of nine outlets with six of them dedicated to line or source units, two for power amps and one unswitched. The power conditioner has a “unique” dual AC cord setup where one of the AC cord, called the Control Cord, needs to be also plugged in together with the main AC cord to “activate” power to the outlets. The typical use of this Control Cord is to have it plugged into the outlet on a preamp (if it has one) or you can plug that in to a wall outlet or the unswitched outlet on the back of the RLC-900. The two outlets for power amps have a delayed turn on so they go “live” a couple of seconds after the six outlets dedicated for line and source units are turned on (that is if you have the Control Cord plugged into the outlet of a preamp).

Cosmetically, the unit looks great. Minor scuff marks from use but nothing major. Unit will be securely packed for safe shipping.