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This is a very decent combo player that excel in both video and audio playback. In typical Rotel fashion, it is decently built with an emphasis on delivering the “goods”. Via its HDMI output and onboard video scaler, it will output 1080p picture quality which was quite good (especially with a 1080p capable TV). One very useful feature is its switchable format on the rear between NTSC and PAL output. So if you are in Europe or parts of Asia where your TV set is a PAL unit, you can just flip the switch on the back to PAL. Bargain price now for its picture quality and CD playback at 90% off MSRP!

Cosmetically, the player looks okay. Some scuff marks here and there (mainly on the top cover which a good spray paint will cover it up) and on the remote. Player will be securely packed for safe shipping. Remote is included. Manual is available online.