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The British Nineties have produced some of the most memorable integrated amps in this wonderful hobby of ours. Audiolab, Cyrus, Creek, NVA just to name a few are some of the more prominent ones. Than there are models like the RA-940AX MKII which was made for the British listening taste that really trounced the home grown brands. The original RA-930AX was a HiFi Choice Magazine Best Buy component and was widely featured in systems that cost under $1,000 that truly sounded magical. If you dig up any of your old hifi magazines, you would probably find a picture of this Rotel integrated with a Rotel CD player and a pair of KEF, Celestion, Mission etc monitor speakers that the reviewer would raved about its musicality. Its 30W per channel may not sound much but in the use of its time Рsmaller listening rooms and monitor speakers, it was more than sufficient. The Rotel was one of the dream machines in the push back then where simplicity over complexity can reap the same sonic rewards minus a hefty price tag (which is why the Rotel does not have any remote control circuitry inside). The RA-930AX MKII even has a pretty decent MM phono input where you can then enjoy both CD and vinyl playback without too much clutter in your rack.

Cosmetically, it is in great shape. Minor scuff marks but nothing major. Unit will be securely packed for safe shipping.