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This stereo integrated amp was taken out from a dealer’s system where it consists of a RCD-1520 CD player and a pair of Totem Forest speakers. It was an ultra simple system but amazingly effective in delivering a musicality that you would have associated with a far more expensive setup if we had a veil masking the system. Imaging was outstanding with a wide and deep soundstage. The integrated had a very good grip over the music, delivering each note in a well controlled manner. The highs were nice and smoothly rolled off, the mids were rich but not overly warm and the bass was fast and tight. Built quality was very good with precisely cut sheets of metal encasing the unit. Phono input is for MM cartridges only. Power output is a healthy 60W per channel in 8 ohm.

The unit you see was a former dealer demo unit. Very minor scuff marks from being used in the demo showroom but looks very good overall. We have the original box, manual and remote.