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This was one of the best deals in tube amplification a couple of years back. 120W in ultralinear mode or 60W in triode mode, all for $3,500 (which was not available on the standard M-120). Being that the Magnum is an “enhanced” version of the M-120, it was given better output transformers, better power supply, premium capacitors and resistors and other higher quality parts like gold tube sockets and beefier speaker binding posts and silver wiring internally. We didn’t have a standard M-120 to do and A/B comparison but The Magnum M-120 is a gloriously rich sounding amp. Full on dynamics with sweet highs, rich mids with a well controlled, deep bottom end. There was no hint of “bloating” and if they are not over pushed to drive difficult speaker loads or insanely loud volume levels, sounded 80-90% of the Audio Research Reference 210 monoblocks when used in your typical normal room listening level. Paired with a nice preamp and this can be quote the magical sounding pre/power combo.

Cosmetically, the amps looks good. Just some minor scuff marks and a few nicks (mainly on the left edge of the faceplate on one amp) here and there common with use but nothing major. We have the original boxes for them.