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These are one of the greatest monitors in the sub-$10,000 category. With a sound stage presence and depth that will rival many competing floorstanders, the Ultima Gem can truly rule your sound room with the right amplification and more importantly, careful placement of the speakers with heavy duty stands to “secure” them to the ground. Although each speaker has four drivers – two tweeters (one rear firing) and two 5″ metal dome midwoofers, they are essentially two way. The rear firing tweeter (3/4″ versus 1.1″ on the front) necessitates a bit of space from the rear wall but give it between 2 ft and 3 ft to “breathe” and you will then appreciate the improved depth perception of the soundstage. Controls on the rear panel allows you to adjust the level of highs for both tweeters based on how your room is setup. Frequency response is from a low of 39Hz to 15KHz with a nominal impedance of 6 ohm and a sensitivity of 87dB. It loves power and we gave it generously – 200W to be precise and the speakers took on a life of its own. Bass response was deep and tight with a good amount of “rumbling” when the demand calls for it. It may not be on par with speakers that have a 12″ or larger woofer but for a 5 incher, it was impressive enough for us. When Revel release these speakers some years back, they did it with a combo offering where a subwoofer is an add on option if you want more bass. So if you are planning to get these speakers, try them out in your room first and if you feel that you need more bass, you can then add on a sub later. The mids were warm but not too mushy. Highs were crystal clear but not glaring. All nicely balanced and outstanding for under $2,500 now.

Each speaker is about 19.5″ tall, 8.5″ wide and 17.5″ deep and weighs 40lbs. Cosmetically, the speakers look good with minor scuff marks/scratches here and there from use. We don’t have the original boxes but will securely pack them for safe shipping. They will be shipped in two boxes.