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We were fortunate enough that when this pair of Revel monitor speakers came in, it was just before the day we had to ship out the Dynaudio C1 monitors speakers. So we were able to do a very useful comparison between the two. Both speakers are almost similar in size except the depth where the Dynaudio was 6″ deeper and the height where it was also 1.5″ taller. Expectations of the C1 (one of our all time favorite monitor speakers and another Stereophile recommended component) totally slamming down the M106 eventually proved to be so erroneously off. Not only was the M106 almost equal to the ability of the C1, it kept pace with it on every sound track we put them both through. Bass was slightly deeper and more “thundering” from the M106 but the C1 had a more textured mid-range while the M106 was slightly less warm but more detailed. Highs were smooth on both speakers and nicely rolled off. Both speakers had the ability to be “locked down” on to their matching speaker stands which gave it a more precise dimension on the soundstage and a tighter presentation.

The M106 was the easier speaker to drive between the two where we get a sense of “relaxation” emitting out from the speakers when the same amp was used for both speakers. Nominal impedance was 8 ohms (versus 4 ohms on the C1) with a sensitivity of 87dB. Frequency response was from 39Hz to 22KHz and recommended power was 50-150W. On this last point, we concur. The more power we were able to tap on to drive the M106, the better sounding they became. So is the M106 a much better speaker than the C1? If you are looking for a monitor speaker that is exciting and eager to jump on every soundtrack it is being fed with and puts forth a dynamic presentation, the M106 is an excellent choice. But when you factor in how the C1 sells for $7,000 and the M106 is only $2,500 (both MSRPs are inclusive of  the price of the stands which is $500 for the pair), the choice is clear (at least for us) – the M106.

Cosmetically, the speakers are in very nice shape. The usual polishing swirl marks and on the top left edge of one speaker, a small knick. Otherwise, they look good and more importantly sound fabulous. We don’t have the original boxes so they will be packed into two boxes – speakers in one and the stands in another (after being dismantled).