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The speakers you see here are one of the best buy in mid-fi floorstanding speakers. For $5,000 (at MSRP) you get this beautifully crafted speaker (high gloss walnut finish), three way setup – one 1″ aluminum dome tweeter, one 5.25″ aluminum-cone midrange and two 8″ aluminum cone woofers and a large scale, full range sound. When we drove it with our Classe 25 stereo amp, the F208 was just thunderous in its presentation. Its frequency range of 23Hz to 22KHz just zapped into our listening room. With a footprint of 12″ by 15″ (like what a typical monitor speaker on stand would occupy) and 46″ tall, the soundstage was dramatic, wide and deep. Impedance is an amp friendly 8 ohm with a sensitivity of 88.5 dB. When we listen to some classical music, you could sense the full scale orchestra in front you (especially in a fitting size room). Arguably, it may not have the brand prestige of a B&W 803 but sonically, it is on par or even better (in our opinion). No wonder the Stereophile Magazine reviewer declared it as his benchmark speaker at this price point.

Cosmetically, the speakers are in very nice shape. Minor scuff marks here and there but otherwise, they look really good and more importantly sound fabulous. We don’t have the original boxes so they will be packed into two boxes and then strapped on a pallet and ship as freight (almost 200lbs total with the pallet).