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These F30 speakers from Revel are floorstanding speakers that are not shy of projecting a huge soundstage with great depth and impact. They are robust sounding and needs a good size room and amplification to sound their best. When all these elements are in play, the F30 has a very rich mid-range, solid, thunderous bass and a smoothly rolled off high. There are controls on the rear for making some finer adjustments in relation to the room its placed in but if you have a medium to a large size room, there shouldn’t be too much adjustment before you start relishing its forward and dynamic sound.

At under $1,300, there are some “competition” from the likes of B&W, Sonus Faber etc but the F30 should see itself punching out from the crowd. Even at its $3,700 MSRP, they were favorably reviewed against speakers that costs in the $5,000 region. So it is quite the bargain now for under $1,300. These speakers are pretty big (approx 45″ tall, 14″ wide and 16″ deep) and weighs a hefty 90lbs each. We don’t have the original boxes so that will have to be shipped freight. Local pickup from our store is always a good idea.