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The C30 is a fairly large center channel speaker that adds whole lot of drama into your movie watching experience. To a certain extent, its the “budget” alternative to the more expensive C52 center channel speaker. Like the C52, the C30 is a three way speaker. It reaches down to 50Hz with ease and extends all the way up to 18KHz. Sensitivity is 90dB with a nominal impedance of 6 ohms. An amp of 50W or more is ideal. The sound presence of this center channel speaker is upfront and forceful and really comes to its own with a “juicier” power amp. Mids and highs were crystal clear and sharp. Tweeter volume attenuation on the rear is very helpful especially if your HT room is very well damped. Also, its placement compensation control allows for adjustments depending on how the speaker is position in your HT system. This is one tremendously powerful center channel speaker that will make you enjoy all your movies again.

Cosmetically, there are some scuff marks on the speaker cabinet and a dimple or two on the tweeter which has no impact on the performance. We don’t have the grille cover but speaker will be securely pack for safe shipping.