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The pair you see here were former static display pieces from a home installer showroom. Each speaker has a 1″ horn tweeter and a 5.25″ mid-woofer and is good for 85 Hz to 20 KHz with a 92 db sensitivity. They are not difficult to drive and being designed for outdoor use (can also be used indoors) has a rugged casing which is paintable. Being that their sole purpose is to bring some good quality music to any environment, you shouldn’t measure with the same ruler that you would use with a pair of monitor speakers designed to be stand mounted in a stereo system. So in that respect, they do bring the goods to the party. Bass is a tad shy so you may want to add a subwoofer and run them as a 2.1 system. But otherwise, put them in your basement man-cave, bathroom, pipe in some music in your foyer or even use them as surround speakers in a home theater setup, they aren’t all that bad for $95 now.

We don’t have the original box but will securely pack them for safe shipping.