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REL makes some of the┬ámost┬ámusical subwoofers for two channel audio. The Strata II is one such series of subwoofers that mates very well to any two channel audio system than say, a home theater system. It is spec to go deep – down to 20Hz but it doesn’t do it in the “voluminous” way some other subwoofers that were designed for home theater does it. It goes down smooth and adds that little “bit” of backdrop deep end that gels very nicely to your stereo speakers. It can get thunderous when it is cranked up but it does not hit hard. On board amplifier is a “smallish” 60W which pales in comparison to some other subwoofers (its role and duty is different) that boasts of 1,000W or even 2,000W. But if a musical bottom end is what you are seeking, the Strata II is a fine choice.

Setup and controls are easy. You adjust the “coarse” and “fine” controls by varying the steps of each to reach the desired low frequency cutoff/range and the gain control for loudness. Unlike a single crossover control, by having two, you get a more precise and delicate setting which adds to its musical nature. We have the speakon cable connectors if you don’t want to go via its RCA analog in. Some users have swear by the use of this connection as the better way to extract out the bass so experiment it in your own system to achieve your desired level and sound.

Cosmetically, the unit has some scuff marks here and there but nothing major. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack this for safe shipping.